Who Was W4GGM?

Written by Doug, KE4VBG

I first met Finis Allen when I was a wide eyed teenager hanging around K4UXK Clyde Denton’s shack. Finis was a very friendly, mountain of a man that seemed to be around 6’ 2″ tall. He traveled around with his constant companion K9DOG, and the dog was very friendly too. He was a soft spoken man with a very distinct Slow Southern Drawl. Finis was always willing to help out, and I even remember him donning a Santa Suit one year to play Santa for the children at our Church. I always enjoyed listening to Finis and Clyde discussing the Finer points of Ham Radio equipment and credit these gentlemen for peaking my interest in Ham Radio.

Randy Miller WD4OMP with Finas Allen W4GGM

(Image: Randy Miller WD4OMP with Finas Allen W4GGM)