Fall 2023 Antenna Party

Our Fall Antenna Party will be held Saturday, Oct. 14th, 2023 starting at 10AM. It will be held at the Bridle and Saddle Pavilion in Maury Co. Park (Talk-in: 147.12, close-in 146.565 simplex).

ALL attendees are welcome, but preregistration assures us that we have materials for everyone (contact info for preregistration below).

Award certificates will be issued for:

  • Antenna Master – Best Overall Antenna
  • Lowest SWR
  • Best Build techniques
  • Best Received Signal

What you will need to bring:

  • 50 feet (min) Coaxial Cable of your choice
  • Insulators of your choice (some will be provided)

We will provide a 15ft Center Support, Pulley, Rope, Coax connectors, Solder/Soldering Iron, SWR Bridge/Wattmeter, and a test Rig to use as the standard.

For questions or to preregister, please contact Scott Yates at 615-653-3000, or n4bbb@outlook.com.

June 2023 Club Meeting Update

A reminder that our club meeting will not be held on the 2nd Tuesday this month. We will instead have a brief club meeting after the 6PM dinner at Field Day on June 24th. Also, we will cancel this month’s Club Breakfast as that would fall on the same Saturday as Field Day. We will resume our normal meeting and breakfast schedule in July.