The MARC owns and operates two repeaters located approximately 2 miles south of Columbia, TN.

Type Frequency Offset Tone
VHF 147.120 +.600 127.3
UHF 443.175 +5.00 100.0

VHF: a Yaesu System Fusion repeater operating on 147.12 MHz (+.600 offset) with a 127.3 CTCSS tone. It operates not only in conventional analog FM voice mode but it is capable of operating in C4FM Fusion digital mode. C4FM is a very reliable communication mode with clear voice technology permitting high quality voice communication at longer distances.

This repeater also incorporates Automatic Mode Select (AMS) technology, which instantly recognizes a received signal as C4FM digital or conventional analog FM. The transceiver switches operating modes to match the received signal. Even if you are operating in digital mode, it automatically switches so you can communicate instantly with a received FM station. This removes the need to manually switch between the two modes. This also means that no one is left out. If you have a radio that does not have the digital mode will still be able to communicate on the new repeater in conventional analog FM mode also.

UHF: an analog Kenwood FM repeater on 443.175 MHz (+5.000 offset) with a 100 CTCSS tone. This repeater is linked to the MTEARS network during emergency situations and during the Monday night MTEARS net; otherwise it is available for normal amateur radio use.

Both repeaters are “open” and available for use by all licensed Amateur Radio operators. If you are a Ham traveling through the area, we invite you to jump on either machine and chat with us!