The MARC operates two repeaters located approximately 2 miles south of Columbia, TN.

VHF – 2m147.120+.600127.3
UHF – 70cm443.175+5.00100.0

VHF: an analog FM Kenwood repeater operating on 147.12 MHz (+.600 offset) with a 127.3 CTCSS tone. Our VHF repeater is “open” and available for use by all licensed Amateur Radio operators. If you are a Ham traveling through the area, we invite you to jump on the 2M repeater and chat with us!

UHF: an analog FM Kenwood repeater on 443.175 MHz (+5.000 offset) with a 100 CTCSS tone. This repeater is linked to the MTEARS network at all times, serving as a “liaison net” during severe weather. Amateurs are encouraged to monitor this repeater, but keep any non-emergency traffic to a minimum. During severe weather, our ARES group will start a spotter net on the 147.120 machine.

We also maintain a APRS digipeater at the repeater site.